Get Certified!

Get Certified!

For those that will use CH33 benefits this academic year;  You must have your certificate of eligibility (COE) from the VA in order for U-M to begin processing your benefits.  The turnaround time from when you apply to the VA to when you get your COE from the VA can be a few weeks.  It is strongly recommended that you apply for VA benefits as soon as you make the decision to use Ch33.  You can apply through the VA here:

Mail, fax or hand deliver your COE form to the Office of the Registrar (RO), also you must complete and turn in the Veterans Certification Request Form . This form is used by the RO to certify your class load and eligible charges with the VA. You must complete this form EACH semester . 

For all others who will use VA benefits you can find out what procedures to use by visiting this web page:

Visit the Office of the Registrar if you have questions about the certification of enrollment process (1207 LSA Building; 764-5556).

Tuition & Fee Credit.

Knowing that it may be weeks before the University receives the VA funds to cover your authorized tuition and fee charges, the University will post a credit on your student account “Chapter 33 VA Benefits” based on our best estimate of your eligibility. This credit will be posted to your student account shortly after your class load is certified with the VA. When funds are actually received from the VA, your account will be reconciled; you will be notified of any necessary adjustments.

No Sweat on Late Fees & Financial Holds. The University will waive any late charges a certified Vet may be assessed while awaiting Certification or payment from the VA. Visit Student Financial Services if you have questions about your student account (2226 Student Activities Building; 764-7447).

U-M Financial Aid

U-M has 0% interest loans for student veterans who are facing hardships due to the backlog of VA claims.   Please contact Melissa Pickrell at to learn how you can apply.

Book and Living Expense Costs:

If your housing and book expenses are a concern because either your initial Certificate of Eligibility or stipends are delayed due to a backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is possible to obtain short term loan assistance to cover your immediate expenses. The Short Term Loan application is available on line through Wolverine Access. For amounts that exceed $500, you must first consult with the Office of Financial Aid.

VA Benefit Impact on Financial Aid

Recent legislation removed Veteran benefits from consideration for purposes of Federal and State financial assistance. However, benefits under some chapters are considered when institutional funds are awarded. For information regarding the potential impact your benefit may have on your eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 734-763-6600.

More information on how to receive your VA benefits at U-M is found here:


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