Special Tuition Waiver Full Time Military

Regular active duty military personnel who are living or stationed in Michigan, as well as their accompanying spouses and dependent children, will be allowed to pay in-state tuition while they attend the University of Michigan, even though they will not be eligible to be classified as residents under the Residency Classification Guidelines.  This waiver is available to persons in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, and to officers in the Public Health Service.  When the military person upon whom the waiver is based leaves the state, a child or spouse who remains in Michigan enrolled full-time in high school or an institution of higher learning will continue to be eligible to receive the waiver.  Children must have completed at least the junior year of high school prior to the military person’s departure.  In order to request this waiver, the student must submit a residency application by the applicable filing deadline and provide documentation demonstrating eligibility.

See Residency Webpage:  http://www.ro.umich.edu/resreg.php