Military-Connected Students bring unique and valuable perspectives to their university experience. As part of the overall university DEI objectives, military-connected students are a valued and vital component of our campus community. We recognize and honor their sacrifices and value their life experiences as they broaden the diversity of our student body.

As with any identity group, military-connected students bring their own set of experiences, gifts, challenges and expectations to our diverse student body. Learning about their experiences and adapting techniques in the classroom and in campus programming and services helps these students succeed.

As a part of this process the Veteran and Military Services Program was established in 2008. Housed in the New Student Programs (a part of Enrollment Management), the program offers several programming and support structures for military-connected students.

We invite faculty and staff who have served in the military to connect with student veterans via our programs. Your experience and knowledge of U-M combined with your understanding of the military experience places you in a position to offer guidance and advice to students who are making the transition from the military to campus life. The Veteran and Military Services Program is overseen by the VMS program director, Philip Larson, who works closely with current student veterans. Our office will assist in planning social and information programs students.

For faculty and staff who have not served in the military we ask you to participate in an online or face-to-face training module.

Faculty & Staff Training Modules

Faculty and staff at U-M are invited to workshops and training to help them best serve military-connected students.

We invite faculty and staff working at the University of Michigan to participate in online and/or scheduling face-to-face training with our staff. After completion of one of the training modules, listed below, you can request our “Military-Connected Student Friendly” card to proudly display on your office wall, window or door to signify you have received training about military-connected students.

Module 1

Video and 10-15 minute intro for meetings

Module 1 consists of the Veteran and Military Services Coordinator, Philip Larson, to come to a meeting or your work site and give a 10-15 minute overview of Military Connected Student concerns. This would feature the 7 minute video (above) plus observations and handouts from Philip. He would be available for additional Q&A time if requested.

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Module 2

Military-Connected Student Panel

Module 2 will consist of a panel of military-connected students.  To have adequate time, please plan on an hour session. This training will consist of 40 minutes of prepared questions plus an additional 10-20 minutes of participant questions and answers.

If you have a request (ex: undergraduate only, LSA students only, dependents etc.) please indicate in the “Special Request” section of the form.

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Module 3

Faculty and Staff Workshop

Using research and personal interactions, Philip Larson will discuss the benefits of military-connected students at the University of Michigan, talk about common myths and stereotypes that military-connected students face, discuss strategies for student veteran and military-connected student success and talk about military-connected students and DEI initiatives – specifically the intersection of military-connected identities and those of other groups.

1 to 2 hour workshop for faculty and staff

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