Peer Advisors for Veteran Education, or PAVE, is a program that pairs incoming veteran and military students with trained current students who have also served. PAVE helps military-connected students find their way around the university, identifying resources both on and off campus. And because our PAVE peer advisors understand the military experience, they can help identify and assist in challenges these new students face and provide ongoing support as they adjust to the university.

Your 2024-2025 PAVE Peer Advisors

Fernando Bejar
Jason Todd

Jason Todd - Peer Advisor Lead

Hello everyone! My name is Jason Todd and I'm in my second year of the Ross School of Business MBA program! I was commissioned into the U.S. Army as an intelligence officer and have a degree in management from the University of Florida. I'm excited to help where I can as other veterans navigate life changes and academics at the University of Michigan.

Outside of school, my family and I love hiking and gardening; basically, any excuse to enjoy the sun. Transitioning out of the military, whether recently or if it’s been a while, can be a lot, and PAVE is here to help as you navigate these changes. Try to take it easy and enjoy your college experience.


Olubukola Akinambi

Olubukola Akinambi - Peer Advisor

Hello! My name is Olubukola and I am a sophomore studying cognitive science. I served as a geospatial engineer in the Army at Fort Drum, New York. After my transition, I felt disconnected from the network I built during active duty, my friends, and the feeling of belonging. My first night at a PAVE game night, allowed me to interact with people who were currently in my shoes and had been in my shoes. We exchanged stories of our previous profession and what the transition has been like from military life to college life. We also made connections and invited each other to other events outside of PAVE. I decided to become a peer advisor to assure other people that they belong here and help them make the best of their experience here at U-M.

In my free time I like to exercise and explore the local bookstores and vintage shops.

Feel free to contact me about transitioning, navigating the university, or the program!


Fernando Bejar
Fernando Bejar

Fernando Bejar - Peer Advisor

Hello! My name is Fernando Bejar and I am a sophomore majoring in aerospace engineering through the College of Engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship through the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. I served the United States Army as an M1 Abrams Tank and Stryker systems maintainer in the 2nd Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

As I was transitioning from my military to educational career, finding the right resources was a very overwhelming task to do. Being able to reach the PAVE program made my life as a student so much easier than expected. Doing the same thing for other incoming veterans and military students is something that I am really passionate about, which is why I decided to become a PAVE advisor. 

One example of my involvement on campus is that I am participating in the Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA), which is a multidisciplinary approach to engineering, bringing students together to design, build, and launch pioneering liquid-fueled rockets. I primarily work on the propulsion systems of the rockets that we build at the University of Michigan where I make sure that it's properly functioning before, during, and after launch. During my free time outside of school, I like to travel to new places around the world where I get the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! My email is [email protected] in case you need it. GO BLUE!


Devin Daniels
Devin Daniels

Devin Daniels - Peer Advisor

My name is Devin Daniels and I am currently a junior studying biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience (BCN) and scheduled to graduate by 2025. I am a US Army combat veteran, served with 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper, and got out in 2016. After leaving the service I earned an associates in applied science and graphic designing.

My goal as a PAVE advisor is to provide a smooth transition for veterans and military members exiting the service and going into higher education. U-M is a big school and can be intimidating at first but we will get you squared away!

In my free time I enjoy longboarding, snowboarding, playing guitar, hiking, disc golfing, kayaking, being a Dungeons & Dragons master, video gaming, and oil painting. I love drawing and making comics and I’m a tattoo artist and generally love making art. I am also a gearhead and motorcyclist. I also am actively serving as the state historian for the VFW post 423.


Mackenzie Gladney
Mackenzie Gladney

Mackenzie Gladney - Peer Advisor

Hello! My name is Mackenzie Gladney. I'm a sophomore studying communications and media, and I’m the dependent of a disabled veteran. My dad served in the 82nd Airborne with the 3-504 Infantry. He was stationed in Fort Bragg, Camp Greaves, Fort Ord, and Fort Sill.

Starting college was no easy task, but PAVE was there to help me along the way. The office of Veteran and Military Services was always one call away and happy to speak with not only me but my parents as well.

As a PAVE peer advisor, I’m excited to help incoming students transition into university life socially and academically. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, coloring, singing, and watching movies. I’m also a big fan of anything Michigan-related, and I attend sporting events year-round!


Taylor Kenney
Taylor Kenney

Taylor Kenney - Peer Advisor

Hi! My name is Taylor Kenney. I am a sophomore studying communications and media at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. My father served in the Marine Corps, and growing up with a parent who served in the military taught me the values, among others, of hard work, determination, and integrity. These values helped guide my transition from high school to college. This transition can be difficult to navigate. I am excited to help others navigate this transition and explore all the great opportunities that the University of Michigan has to offer.

I am involved with several student organizations that have helped me find smaller communities within this huge university. I attended a small high school and understand that starting at this university can be intimidating. Feel free to reach out to me regarding this transition.


Markiana Schweitzer
Markiana Schweitzer

Markiana Schweitzer - Peer Advisor

Hello! My name is Markiana and I am a junior studying economics. I served as an avionics technician for the B-52H bomber in the Air Force at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. During my transition out of the military and into the academic environment, I found it challenging to find the right resources that understood my military background. I was extremely grateful to find the PAVE program and have them walk with me through my transition. After participating in the PAVE program, I decided to become a mentor to ensure incoming students have the same experience I did.

In my free time, I enjoy playing pickleball and board games and being active. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions as you navigate your transition out of the military. You can reach me at [email protected].


PAVE @ Michigan is a collaboration between the PAVE program (administered by the University of Michigan Depression Center) and the Veteran and Military Services Program. To learn more about available services for veterans, military members, and their families, please visit the Eisenberg Family Depression Center's College Mental Health webpage.