Emergency Aid

Below are some resources available to help with your unexpected financial challenges. Know that some aid can be tied to your financial aid package, and that the Office of Financial Aid is generally the first and best place for students to go for emergency financial assistance.

Please contact financial aid through our special email for military-connected students at finaid.vets@umich.edu.

Emergency Financial Assistance Resources for Military-Connected Students

Use our online form to request assistance from the Veteran and Military Services Emergency Grant. Grant applications will be evaluated with the help of the Office of Financial Aid and aid offered may impact your financial aid eligibility. There is a $500 limit to the Veteran and Military Services Emergency Grant.

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

The Michigan Veterans Trust Fund is intended to help veterans overcome an unforeseen situation causing a temporary or short term financial emergency or hardship that a grant will resolve and the applicant can demonstrate the ability to meet future expenses.

To find out more on how to apply please visit their website.

General Student Emergency Aid

The Provost’s Office has a list of emergency aid opportunities across campus including those that are specific to your school or college.